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Khabib Nurmagomedov's comments on the battle of the century MacGregor vs. Mayweather

Хабиб Нурмагомедов в минувшее воскресенье дал интереснейшие комментарии по ходу самого высокооплачиваемого боя Мэйвезер vs. Макгрегор. Мнение о поединке по правилам бокса между бойцом ММА и «чистым» боксёром такого первоклассного профессионала ММА, как Хабиб Нурмагомедов стало бесценным «пособием» для знатоков и любителей всевозможных единоборств. Однако и профессиональным бойцам было что послушать.

During the fight, Habib told many interesting things about the specifics of the fights in the MMA and their differences from boxing, told his opinion about the fight itself, Conor's boxing technique, the fees of the fighters, and also about his plans for the future. In general, the comments turned out to be so entertaining that those who can not only listen but also draw conclusions from the above could have learned a lot from them.

So, on the night of August 26 to August 27 in Las Vegas, the "T-Mobile Arena" began one of the most grandiose in the history of martial arts boxing matches. Initially, it seemed like a joke, even the very possibility of such a fight, but how many hysterics, scandals and forecasts, when it was still announced - and not counted.

However, the fight was still held: a fight between American boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and the owner of two championship belts of the most popular and ranking fighting organization in the world - UFC - by Conor MacGregor.

Mayweather Jr. - undefeated boxer with a record at the time of the battle 49-0, winner of the world title in five weight categories, bronze medalist of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, USA, is no less odious than McGregor, a figure in the world of martial arts. For the previous fight with Filipino Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather received a huge fee of 210 million dollars, which was a record reward for the entire history of boxing - it's not for nothing that the nickname "Money" was fixed for the boxer.

The Irishman Conor McGregor is a megapopular and extraordinarily ambitious UFC fighter in the featherweight division, who won wild popularity in many respects not so much with memorable fights and bright victories, as with provocative, sometimes unprecedentedly insulting rivals for rivals. Conor became the featherweight champion to 66 kilograms, in a title fight by knocking out at the 13th second of the first round of the former champion, Brazilian Jose Aldo. After this battle, Conor "jumped" into lightweight and in the first duel knocked out Eddie Alvarez. Thus, the fighter entered the history of the MMA as the owner of two championship belts at the same time.

An incredibly confident Irishman with unquestionably good boxing skills and a knockout blow on what he achieved did not stop and threw out a trick that no one expected: he challenged the whole boxing world, saying he was ready to fight by boxing rules against undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather.

After the date of the battle became known, it was simply madness. The sports world was divided into two camps. Some believed that Conor is young, strong and too good for an American and will be able to deal with the elderly star of boxing without any problems. Others, referring to Mayweather's experience, his endurance, excellent technique and high speed, were confident in the early victory of the boxer. It was cleared up all in the ring.

The battle promised to be spectacular (as Mayweather himself promised): according to the rules of boxing, athletes waited 12 rounds for 3 minutes in 8-ounce gloves. Looking ahead, let's say that the outcome of the fight, despite all the forecasts, was obvious, and the professionals, not excluding Habib Nurmagomedov, who hinted in the initial rounds and, in fact, predicted what the outcome of the sensational battle would be, the differences regarding the winner did not have .

The first round of McGregor "took", starting quite frisky work "first number", and even managed to deliver a few blows in the face and body of an American. However, as Habib Nurmagomedov has pointed out, Floyd previously "gave away" the initial rounds in many of his matches, working "second number" and on counterattacks, and this fight was no exception.

Habib Nurmagomedov, who commented on the fight with Roman Mazurov, also noted that in the first rounds McGregor was not inferior to Floyd, both in technique and speed of strikes and even left the first two rounds behind the Irishman. By the way, Roman Mazurov agreed with Habib, but also said that Mayweather has not yet revealed himself and works extremely carefully and carefully, reminding that Floyd's previous fight with Pacquiao was in 2015 and a two-year-old American can play a bad joke with him.

Closer to the middle of the fight, Mayweather "unraveled" both the technique and the style of Conor and took the fight into his own hands. Despite the age of forty, Mayweather kept good speed, distance and all rounds were in excellent shape, which was not to say about Conor, who was already breathing heavily after the second round, which was immediately noticed by Habib Nurmagomedov.

In general, Habib told a lot of interesting things during the battle, and all this can be heard by watching the video with the comments of the fighter, but all the fans caught the main message from the "eagle": Habib, either for fun, seriously wished that Mayweather "not much beat Conor, "since the fight is yet to be held in December, but we certainly heard Habib's message and hope that the UFC will finally stop playing the fool and give our fighter a duel with, as it turned out, really" notorious " ) Irishman.

The fight itself was, alas, not as interesting as one would expect: none of the fighters was invested in strikes, and, as Habib explained, it looked as if most of the fight Mayweather was "preparing" Conor to ask the finale for a tussle. Konor fans, who seemed to be waiting for the Irishman to pounce on Floyd from the first few seconds and bring a lot of inconvenience, were disappointed: McGregor's actions were similar to sparring, in any case, not a single really strong blow from him followed. By the way, and Habib was at a loss why the fighters did not invest in the blows.

By the tenth round, Conor generally could hardly stand on his feet, and Floyd, who, apparently, all these Irish dances "fed up, showed the basics of boxing. A few not so strong, but accented, exactly in the chin of the "mystic", punches, and the referee stopped the duel, since to continue this "beating babies" was inhuman.

The fight ended in a TKO in round 10 with Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s victory. With this victory, the American rounded his number of victories to 50 and remained undefeated boxer with a deafening record of 50-0. Summarizing the fight, Habib issued an epoch-making phrase about the skills of Conor in boxing, which had already circumnavigated the entire Internet: "The alphabet is, but not all letters are known," as accurately describing the Irishman's behavior in the ring.

Habib Nurmagomedov, whose foresight of the American victory was justified, once again expressed his hope that after this defeat McGregor would return to mixed martial arts and express a desire to fight with him in December 2017. By the way, Magregor himself also spoke positively about this idea, and all the fans of mixed martial arts can simply wait and hope for this grandiose event for Russia and the entire world sports community.