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Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Rafael dus Anzhus

Result: Victory of Nurmagomedov
Event: UFC on FOX: Werdum vs. Browne
Method: Unanimous decision

Video and photo of the fight

April 19, 2014: Tampa, hot Florida. A good mood and, perhaps, the most difficult battle in the career awaits Habib. The rival is a high-class and a real black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. A graduate of the famous coach Rafael Cordeiro from Kings MMA. Specialist muay thai, on the turn of five wins in a row, as well as Habib. All experts from the world of MMA agreed that the winner of this fight will fight against the champion!

The course of the match:

Round 1

Touching gloves, and the battle has already begun. Commentator Joe Rogan announced that this fight will show how talented Habib Nurmagomedov is. At this time, 30 seconds later, after all the reconnaissance and supervision of each other, Habib decided to attack first. The little girl thrown by Habib meant that he was not afraid and was ready for Anios. A minute later, the dominant position of Habib was already evident, as several attempts to call a rival to the battle, Rafael only retreated. He retreated and decided on the actions: a powerful livercup to the liver, but Habib's defense was on the alert. Just a moment later, after Raphael's actions, it was clear - Habib was waiting for this. He immediately shortened the distance, and after a couple of seconds he transferred the Brazilian to canvas. All attempts to stand turned into a hail of blows and a new transfer to the ground. Only a minute later, Raphael managed to escape their tenacious claws of the Eagle. The next attack of the Brazilian was again from the foot. This time to the head area, but Habib's defense is again impenetrable. The eagle responded to this blow with a knee-jumping in a jump, a combination with hands again transferring to the ground. Both fighters began to fight, and it seemed that the Brazilian caught Habib in a kimura, but no. The Russian stopped all attempts to successfully complete the reception on the vine. And again, a minute of control in the stalls and Rafael begins to scramble methodically off the grid. The soldiers in the rack at the net, Rafael pressed tightly to the net. The Brazilian recalls the skills of the Thai clinch, and breaks powerfully with the knee. Thanks to the defensive actions of the Russian, the blow passes casually and does no harm.

The remaining minute round athletes spend in the rack, trying to attack each other. The soldiers are charged with one powerful blow, looking for corners. A couple of seconds before the gong Habib demonstrates his determination again and attacks his knee in a jump, but past. Gong, the first round is over and clearly behind Habib.

Quotation of Habib:
When I fought with him, we had five fights in a row and the leadership said that the winner of our pair will be close to the title. But I did not think he could go that far.
Round 2

Before the beginning it was heard how the coach of the Brazilian gives instructions: "Either finish early, or leave."

A pair of powerful leukicks from the Brazilian reach the goal, but so far without a special damage to the Eagle. For the first minute, Raphael tries to smash Habib's defenses with the blows of his hands with the confidence that the master of the fight will not dare to fight him in the rack. And already the next attacks of Habib knock the Brazilian out of the way: the provocative blows from Habib's hands made him lose his vigilance, and he again passed the passage to both feet. As soon as Rafael was on the ground, he decided to counterattack with a stifling device, wrapping his neck around Habib. Ten seconds in a dangerous position, the voices of the commentators were filled with adrenaline and everyone was waiting for the climax. Incredibly, even in a tight grip, Habib controlled all the opponent's actions, cleverly got out of the stifling reception and began to beat the opponent from above. For the remainder of the round, Habib fought his opponent on canvas, completely dominating all the positions of the referee, occasionally inflicting heavy blows.

Round 3

Habib's confident stance, and Raphael's offensive moves. Both fighters understood that in this battle everything can happen, and at stake is a real chance to fight for the title. A minute later, Habib again clamped Raphael at the net like a vise, took his leg and was preparing to fall down. But Rafael knew that by doing this he would ultimately defeat himself in the judicial notes. Gathering all his strength, he escaped from the seizure, but not for long. At the moment of his attack, he decides to take the takedown by hitting the Habib at the net, but makes a fatal mistake, leaving the distance for the hook. A pair of skillful manipulations and the Brazilian is flying amply through the hip to the canvas. UFC commentator Joe Rogan said: "You know, Rafael is really a world-class grappler, but Habib is completely different."

All the remaining time, Habib mercilessly finished and dominated the opponent.

All questions are removed. Habib - the next contender for the belt. No questions.