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Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Pat Khili

Result: Victory of Nurmagomedov
Event: UFC 165
Method: Unanimous decision

Video and photo of the fight

September 21, 2013: Canada, Toronto. Loud card UFC 165, and to open the main card is entrusted to unknowing defeats Habib Nurmagomedov against Pat Healy. Opponent Eagle seemed really impassable. Pat made his debut at the UFC, showing the fight of the evening and the zababmitiv this grade - Jimi Miller. And before that, having interrupted almost the entire color of light weight StrikeForce in 9 battles, losing only to the champion.

The course of the match:

Round 1

Both sportsmen joined in the positional struggle for the center. No one was in a hurry to attack, but no one planned to concede. From the second minute the fighters began to draw closer and try to conduct combined attacks. According to the old habit, Habib pulls the athlete towards him, squeezing himself against the net and trying lightly to attack with a jump from the uppercut. Pat Healey is more than ready! He deeply succumbs to the attacks and throws in blows from non-standard, "clumsy" corners. Attacks the body and converges, demonstrating confidence and complete control of the course of the fight. Habib intelligently dismantles the opponent and understands the tactics of the opponent.

Already after half the time of the first round, Habib begins to take control of the situation. Already he demonstratively evades blows and counterattacks a blow in the jump. Healy's face is already broken, and Habib leads on the judges' notes. A minute and a half before the end of the fight, the referee has to stop the time and return the Habibu cap, which fell during the attacks. The last minute of the first round would be memorable only thanks to the exact hits of both athletes, but 30 seconds before the gong for a break, Orel spent a couple of takedowns with heavy blows on the opponent a second before the gong.

Round 2

Healy is hunted for Habib in cold blood, but after 30 seconds he is already pressed to the net, passing Habib behind him.

In the middle of the round, Habib openly began to interrupt the opponent in the rack and even began to allow himself to throw kicks into the head. All attacks by Pat are for protection and do not bring any damage. Habib controlled and methodically at a favorable time for him presses to the net, knits and attacks.

At the end of the round, the final transfer to the ground and it becomes clear - before us the contender for the belt in the case of a successful third round.

Round 3

From the first seconds it became apparent that Pat Hillie had slackened in condition and was exhausted. Habib already presses without problems to the grid, but does not lose caution, since any blow can change the course of the fight. Habib controls all attacks, working as a second number. And after the first minute and does transfer the battle into his element - the stalls. Almost two minutes of control, and when you try to stand up, the opponent is doing something incredible! The legendary slam performed by Matt Hughes repeats Habib: controlling the rise at the net, he puts Pat on his shoulders and carries through the whole octagon - BOOM! With a roar at the ovation of the arena, "Air Canada Center" lands an opponent.

After that the question does not remain. As expected, we have a fresh TOP! All the remaining time, Pat Healey just tried not to lose the fight ahead of time. Complete domination and another victory.

From the interview after the battle:
My fists were hurting me after the fight. There were no serious injuries, but the kulaks were ill, the elbows were ill. He's just somehow impenetrable.