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Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Michael Johnson

Result: Victory of Nurmagomedov
Event: UFC 205
Method: Pain reception (Kimura)

Video and photo of the fight

November 12, 2016 - a historic event for the company UFC. Finally, in New York, the ban on mixed martial arts is lifted and the 205 event on the PPV system will be held here, in the arena of Madison Square Garden.

Habib Nurmagomedov really wanted to speak at this tournament, as the largest Russian community lives in New York. Rival Habib was, perhaps, the most formidable drummer, the disciple of Henry Hoft from the hall of the Blackzilians with the fastest hands in the division. Michael Johnson was returning reborn as a phoenix, convincingly by knocking out a fighter from the rival hall of AMERICAN TOP TEAM, Dustin Portier.

The course of the match:

Round 1

The battle began with Habib's careful actions. Starting from cage movement, distance and ending position of hands, Habib completely secured himself from possible unexpected attacks by Johnson. Michael tried to reach out to the Eagle with low-kicks and long crooks, but Habib clearly acted according to plan. A minute later, the Eagle, eager for battle, is trying to get closer, which is in Johnson's hand. The blows get the defense of Habib. At around 1.5 minutes from the start of the round, Michael produces a couple of accurate, sweeping hits, and seems to have shaken Habiba. Every stroke of such a high-profile drummer can be the last one, and Habib understands it like no other. Taking himself and his plan to fight under control, a Russian finds his distance and listens clearly to his angle. Seconds in one voice "fight!" At the end of the second minute, Habib, finding his distance, masks the passage with punches and knits Johnson at the net, and then knocks his opponent to the canvas. Already in the orchestra, honed to an indecent absolute skills of wrestling Russians show class. Easy Habib takes both hands of Michael, takes the position of "krusifiks" and starts hammering the head of an American, like a blacksmith in his workshop. The rest of the round Habib takes in his piggy bank.

Round 2

Michael Johnson starts the fight with the long overheads and tries to get Habib. But the fighting intellect of the Eagle, which is not inferior to the skills of fighting, allows you to keep a cold calculation of the distance. After a couple of minutes, Johnson is back on his back, and this time in reserve for Habib a little more than three minutes. Again, "Crucifix", and again not a drop of pity. Blow after the blow Habib brings Michael closer to Parkinson, whispering that he must surrender. A unique case when a fighter is so confident in his own abilities and skills that he has time to talk about this opponent on the even breath. The whole hall sees the superiority of the Dagestani sportsman, the helplessness of the American. Particularly sentimental, who bought tickets to the back rows, just let out tears. The drama that takes place during the fight at the Madison Square Garden arena between the Habib fight rounds deserves a separate film. The fact is that after the second round it became clear to everyone who would win. Habib turns from his corner to the president of the UFC promotion with the expression "I'll smash your boy", meaning the Irish fighter Conor McGregor. After all, during the absence of Habib, he managed to become a featherweight champion, and had to fight with champion of lightweight Eddie Alvarez. Dana White tried hard to get Habib back into the fight, not realizing that Habib was already a champion. "Win this fight ahead of schedule!" - said White, possibly believing that this is something impossible for the Eagle.

Round 3

Habib raised his hands even before the start, as if the battle was over, the stands roared, and the judge gave a signal about the beginning of the third round.

Michael has already been squeezed almost all, and Habib, seeing this a couple of times, "fed" an uppercut right in the chin. In the rack, Habib seems more dangerous than Johnson, because his attacks almost all reached the goal. But Habib is especially good at the fight, and it was there that he took Johnson 30 seconds after the start of the round. The Russian pressed his opponent to the net, tucked his feet and began to pound Johnson, but rarely. Rarely, because I did not want to cause injuries. "You surrender, you know that I deserve a title fight," Habib said between strikes. But the martial spirit of the MMA fighter Michael Johnson did not allow him to do this, and perhaps in vain. Habib took the dominant position from the top in a full mount, disconnected his opponent's legs, not allowing him to defend himself, and began literally hammering his fists in Michael's face. The judge jerked, and probably wanted to stop the fight, But Habib did not wait and again began to change positions. Side control and exit to kimura. As Habib himself later admitted, he consciously pulled the shoulder joint out too slowly, letting him feel the pain and leaving the opponent able to avoid serious injury by knocking.

Habib once again completed the fight ahead of schedule, and after the fight gave perhaps the most painful in an interview with Joe Rogan.

Quote from the interview:
I want to remain humble, but I have to say this, because you guys talk too much. I know about the UFC PR car, how powerful it is. I want to fight your chicken for the title. Irish only 6 million, and Russians - 150 million. I want to fight your chicken for the title. And let my fans here are almost there, I know that now thousands are watching my fight at the cinema. Thanks to Michael Johnson for everything. Joe Rogan, you're one of the best analysts in the sport, you've been in business for 20 years, do you think I deserve a title fight?