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Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Darrell Khorcher

Result: Victory of Nurmagomedov
Event: UFC on Fox: Teixeira vs. Evans
Method: Technical knockout (strokes)

Video and photo of the fight

Exactly so many days Habib Nurmagomedov continued to fight. But already outside the octagon. Trauma after injury was disabled for two years.

One hundred percent candidate for a lightweight title is forced to reaffirm his status. During the absence of Habib, on the horizon appeared and gained momentum new contender for the belt Tony Ferguson. For two years, this fighter held 7 victories and declared himself. The battle of these two was to put a fat point in the approval of the next contender for the belt.

But for the evil fate, Tony was injured 10 days before the fight. And already a week before the fight to replace the left Darrel Kharcher. A dangerous drummer with a record of 12-1. No one knew what to expect from him, and this was dangerous for him.

The course of the match:

Round 1

Bored fans greeted Habib happily both in the battle arena and at the TV screens. Everyone was wondering how he changed during the downtime, whether he was rusty? From the first seconds his usual stand, the manner of movement and the pressing style struck. Muscular mass gathered in the eye. But how will it affect the battle? After forty seconds of reconnaissance, Habib threw out a powerful and sharp overhead, but the fresh Darrel cleverly dodged. Habib looks great against the basic drummer and feels comfortable in the rack. After some razdergivaniy, Darrel froze as hypnotized - at this moment Habib bullet went to his feet and it became clear to everyone, this is the same Habib. After the passage, Orel pressed the opponent to the net, tore it from the deck, carried it to the center of the octagon and threw it at the canvas. Here began the game in one gate. Habib looked awesome, finishing his opponent from above with a hammer. By the end of the round of questions no one had to decide who would win.

Round 2

From the very beginning, Habib in his style occupied the center of the cell. Excellent evaded after the right cross, Darrell and continued to pull on the actions of the opponent. After 30 seconds after the start of the round, Habib squeezed the opponent's net and transferred it to the ground by a throw through the thigh.

The further picture developed according to the usual scenario. Domination in all positions and a powerful core and end. A few minutes of terrible finishing and the referee did not further risk the health of his opponent Habib. The battle is over, the Eagle is back in service.

Habib goes to the camera, denotes his status as a candidate, simulating the waist around his waist.

At this time, annoyed by his defeat, Darrel Khocher pushes people around and can not hold back tears of disappointment. Habib hugs his rival, paying tribute to a man who has gained courage and went into battle on a short notice against one of the most formidable lightweights.

On the return after a two-year hiatus:
All these two years I felt like I was in prison. Now I'm free and you saw how dangerous the eagle is when hungry. The Lord gave me this victory. I am very pleased with this return.