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Abdulmanap Magomedovich

Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov - today one of the most famous and sought-after coaches in Russia, who brought up a huge number of titled fighters, the brightest of which is his own son Khabib Nurmagomedov, an undefeated Russian UFC fighter on the way to the belt of whose champion are Tony Ferguson and Conor McGregor. Abdulmanap Magomedovich, is a master of sports of the USSR in freestyle wrestling. He has the title of Honored Coach of Russia.

Abdulmanap Magomedovich started his sports career with free-style wrestling in Ukraine. Serving in the army was carried away by judo and sambo. From achievements, victory in the championship of Ukraine in judo and sambo.

He trained with well-known trainers, such as Peter Butriy, honored coach of the USSR, in the national team from Vladimir Nevzorov, triumphant in the 1976 Olympics in judo in Montreal.

The method of training is diverse and includes a whole range of complexes of various exercises aimed at developing techniques of impact, endurance and strategic thinking. As a freestyle wrestler, he gives preference to work in the stalls, everything else, as the coach emphasizes, is secondary.

Since 2016, the head coach of the Fight Club ĞEAGLES MMAğ.

Abdulmanap Magomedovich, is a master of sports of the USSR in freestyle wrestling. Has the title of Honored Coach of Russia

The first successes in the coaching field came in 1992, after the victory of Nurmagomed Nurmagomedov's younger brother at the World Sambo Championship for the national team of Ukraine. The further way of the trainer continued already at home.

Returning to Dagestan, the available facilities equipped gymnasium, thereby establishing the already famous "Manapov school" which released a whole galaxy of top fighters. Among the pupils of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov there are such names as Islam Makhachev, Rustam Khabilov, Azamat Hashimov, Shamil Zavurov, Gadzhimurad Nurmagomedov, Magomedrasul Hasbulaev.