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EAGLES MMA is an MMA club representing best mixed martial arts in Russia and perhaps the whole world. For more than six months, the Eagle team representatives have been proving to be the best fighters with their beautiful wins and spectacular fights in numerous tournaments at leading promotions, such as UFC, WSOF, FIGHT NIGHTS etc.

Club, brand and ideological association ‘EAGLES MMA’ was founded in november of 2016


As the president of the club, Khabib continues to support and develop EAGLES MMA in all directions. The club is committed to become the leader in the Russian MMA promotion. But their interests do not end with Russia.

Just a year since its foundation, EAGLES MMA has become an important part of MMA industry and is growing into a leader that will determine the trends of the global promotion.

From the day of its foundation the club’s fighters have won more than 50 fights at numerous russian and international competitions