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Fined for the emotions of Khabib Nurmagomedov

A new flyweight champion was revealed at the Fight Nights Global 76 tournament In Krasnodar. In a hard-fought contest, Khabib Nurmagomedov's teammate Tagir Ulanbekov dismissed by submission hold.

But, unfortunately, the bright spot was overshadowed by the fact that for the excessively emotional behavior of the cornerman the new champion was deprived of 30% of the fee. It's comical that this cornerman appeared to be Khabib Nurmagomedov himself.

"We've known each other since childhood, we've been training together for more than 10 years. I knew how important this fight was for him, and for our entire Eagles MMA team. I just could not miss this fight, because Tagir is my closed one. I remember as a child when he only came to my father's gym, he had problems with his hand. After a fracture, it did not straighten up, and he was very uncomfortable not only during training, but in everyday life. He did stretching exercises on his hand through the pain that pierced the tears in his eyes, he tried to make it so that it straightened up. He had a lot of injuries, but he overcame worthy all the hardships fallen to his sports career Remembering all this, this fight for all of us was very important"- Khabib said about his teammate.

"Preparations for this fight was not as usual. We’re not talking about training camp, which usually lasts two or three months. Over the past 10 years, since the first gym training, preparations for this fight have been started. One of the best organizations and title fight in it - this is a great event in any athlete’s career."

"And I, and my father, and all of us we said to him: "Tagir, maybe he is more technical than you in the standing position, but when it all goes until the moment when one of you has to give up morally, you will surpass him." It is needed to be stronger in moral and strong-willed qualities. Tagir had just to chop him in two, so the plan was called "head-on clash." Under any circumstances - not a step back! "

On the penalty and the consequences:"Of course, Tagir did not like this, even after the fight, my father went into the locker room and scolded us for the behavior. But it will not end in word, I think he will find how to punish us." - Khabib laughs.

"But I did not like the penalty because a public remark was made and especially for the discipline - it's very annoying." I first jumped into the cage, and then the whole team could not stand it and jerked after me. We are very closed ones and couldn’t keep out of it. Just lost temper. But the penalty it's for the reason, and I believe that the Fight Nights promotion did the right thing. We decided with the whole team that we just have to compensate this penalty, and I, as president of the club, will see that, soon you will all know about it."