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Rizvan Magomedov current situation in the world MMA

This year was a turning point in the world of MMA in connection with the onset of the pandemic, and our life has changed markedly. The future fate of martial arts, about the new signings in the UFC and the fighting island, were told to our website KHABIB.COM by the vice-president of Dominance MMA, Rizvan Magomedov.

“My family, like many others, was affected by a pandemic, but Praise be to the Almighty for everything. He stayed in quarantine at home, a month and a half, he sat in the same number in Makhachkala. I also heard rumors about the second wave, I do not take responsibility, says something, but I hope for the best. As needed, I had to work remotely. The work basically stopped because there were no events, everything was on standby. ”

Speaking about the UFC, Rizvan told why they were one of the first to resume their activities, and what it is connected with. “Here we must pay great tribute and merit to Dana White, this is all his perseverance, pressure, and determination, even in a sense philosophy. He did everything to go back to the forefront. But the sport format itself is also slightly different, it is as if more individual, like boxing, for example. 90% is the merit of Dana White. An example of this is that just a week ago they announced 4 tournaments in a row, within 10 days, they will be held in the same format, without spectators, on the island in Abu Dhabi.

And these tournaments will be attended mainly by athletes from Europe, Australia and all those who cannot get to the American continent due to problems with visas, flights, and entry. Since UFC roster is 60% made up by people who do not live in America, and they also need to fight, and for everyone this is work, each has its own family, this is their bread. And so it was decided to hold a tournament somewhere in a zone where there is relief in visa regime. Many people are also afraid that the cell will be like in Vegas, UFCApex, 30 feet, I think that there will be a standard, large cage, in Vegas, because of the structure of the room, it did not allow a large cell, so they used 30 foot. ”

Regarding the information that comes only to the managers of the fighters, Rizvan Magomedov slightly opened the curtain, telling how long he knew about the impending tournaments, and how the search for opponents for Umar and Tagir was going on.

“We were aware of when the tournaments would be held, but did not know exactly where, just a few weeks ago it became clear that they would be held in Abu Dhabi. We also received requests for fighters, but not everyone could speak, many are sitting in apartments, in big cities, without the ability to train normally, on the other hand it was easier for those guys who have their own gym at home, or trained in their own garden, had fun as we could "

“I think the story with Umar is already known, he should have fought with Hante Ozuro at UFC 249, but this fight did not take place for all known reasons. Well, and Tagir Ulanbekov we have a debutant, they just signed him into this organization, and he also fights with a debutant Alexander Doskalchuk, this is also a fighter of DominosMMA, our two clients meet, unfortunately, but it happens. In general, the roster of the lightest weight is not rich, there are only 17 or 18 fighters. Someone already had a fight, someone could not fly in due to certain circumstances. And it turned out that there were two debutants left, an interesting battle awaits us.

Both are champions of Russian organizations. Doskalchuk is the champion of M1, Tagir is the champion of FightNights and GFC and I think that we will see a bright and colorful fight. "