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Khabib Nurmagomedov cannot fly to UFC249

The other day, light division champion Khabib Nurmagomedov went live on his Instagram account and told what was happening at the moment.

ďWhile in AKA, we trained for 10 days, not knowing whether we will fight or not, in what format the battle will take place, and whether it will be at all. Then there was information from the UFC that the fight would definitely not be in the USA, and 99% it would be in Abu Dhabi, after we consulted with the UFC, and a month before the fight we flew to Abu Dhabi, but they didnít start us at the border, all countries close our borders and we had to return to Russia Ē

"At the moment I am in Dagestan. Every day I train, get ready. I just donít know what to prepare for, what kind of fight. Departure and entry into Russia and the USA are forbidden, in the Emirates too, the whole world has been quarantined. Now until I got information that the UFC is going to hold a tournament in the US There are also negotiations that if I canít take part, they will hold this tournament with or without me. Please. I donít mind, let them go according to the laws of that country in which they want to fight "- said Khabib.

Everything looks as if the cancellation is already imminent, Khabib also emphasized that he is isolated, like the whole world, and the UFC is looking for an opponent for Tony Ferguson.