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Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Edson Barboza

Undefeated fighter signed a contract to fight Edson Barboza! One of the most popular Russian athletes will perform at the UFC 219 event in Las Vegas. The bout will be held on December 30 this year.

On the opponent:
"The opponent is very good, he has an excellent protection against wrestling. Also, he moves not that bad during the whole bout and he is undoubtedly the best striker in my weight category! Even one of the best I would say, regardless of weight categories in the UFC promotion."

About the fight:
"Of course, I would very much like to meet with Tony Ferguson, but Tony is waiting for a fight with McGregor. Conor, in turn, does not know whether he will fight Diaz or not, the situation is unclear. Everyone is waiting for the coveted battle, but I see no reason to hold a similar position. I was offered a worthy opponent and I accepted this fight. If you take into account that this fight is not for the belt, then it will be an interesting duel, considering that I'm the second number in the rating, and he's the third. "

About functional training:
"As for my form, I have repeatedly said that 100 days for me is the ideal term to prepare for a fight, but this does not apply to the period when you train twice a day. To take the fight for 2 months is normal! Since September, Iíve been carefully attending to the training process and preparing for my fight. There are nine weeks left before I go to fight, eight of which will be held in the hall, and the last week is a cutting weight. "

What is the plan for the battle:
"I'm a fighter, Barbosa is a striker - everything is predictable. I'm not going to box him. Of course, the fight will start from the rack, but my plan is to fight in the par terre position. There's nothing to hide here."