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Lake tahoe excursion

On the eve of the next fight Khabib Nurmagomedov visited Lake Tahoe in the United States of America, where he received a lot of positive impressions.

In his interview, Khabib answered several questions.

- Who invited you to Tahoe?

- I have long wanted to visit Tahoe, this is a historical place where the winter Olympic games of 1960 passed. Not far from this place in the city of Squaw Valley was the Winter Olympics, in which took part in a total of 30 countries. Always, when I saw pictures from these places, they lured me and impressed with their landscapes. This time, while I was at an early stage of preparation for my upcoming fight, I decided to visit this place with my friends.

How's the tour? What was remembered?

- We were in Tahoe with my brother Umar and our friend Dmitri, who knows these places well. Dmitry gave us a good tour, showed all the sights. Remember Lake Tahoe because there is very volatile weather, it was quite problematic to go here, at first the sun was shining, after a short time the wet snow began to flow.

- What do you know about the history of America? What is most impressive for you?

- I can not say much about the history of America. The history of the country's formation is very interesting and worth exploring. I know that while the whole world was at war, America was being built, the country is very strong and economically developed, this attracts many tourists and settlers here. The most impressive thing for me in America is how many people get along together here: Mexicans, Irish, Russians, indigenous Indians and many others. Impressive is that there are no interracial and interethnic conflicts.

- Do you need such fasting days after training, what are they for?

- Yes, such days are of course necessary. Here we are on Friday evening went on this tour, visited with an overnight stay, trained a little there. After 2 days we returned to the training camp, and there was a feeling that we were not here for at least a week. Such unloading days are very necessary, they enable you to relax, distract from training. After such a holiday, I want to train with even greater impact and with new strength. At least once a month, I think, such trips should be organized.

Preparation for the battle scheduled for December 30, 2017 in the UFC 219 against Edson Barboza continues.

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