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December 31, the main "eagle" of the country triumphantly performed in the main card of the tournament UFC 219

On December 31, the co-match of the evening was the battle of the best lightweight of Russia Khabib Nurmagomedov against the excellent striker and top fighter UFC Edson Barboza.

 This fight was very much expected for all connoisseurs of the Russian fighter and the entire world sports community.

Earlier, in March 2017, Khabib, in connection with a discomfort, withdrew from the battle literally a couple of hours before the weigh-in, where he was to fight for the title of interim champion against Tony Ferguson. But fate decreed otherwise, and Khabib had several months to rehabilitate and restore strength.

Apparently, the "eagle" for these 9 months only improved his skills and showed a better version of himself. Nurmagomedov, realizing the importance of the fight, the victory, which practically guarantees his entry to the title, was very concentrated and held a magnificent gathering in the hall of the American Academy of Kickboxing (AKA) in San Jose for almost three months.

Khabib was assisted by Umar Nurmagomedov, Magomed Magomedov, Magomed Nurmagomedov, Javier Mendes, Zubair Tukhugov, Ali Abdelaziz, Rizvan Magomedov and others.

The Russian's battle against the Brazilian began quite actively. Edson, knowing the excellent skills of Khabib's fight, began punching low kicks from the first seconds of the fight. Striking, the Brazilian immediately retreated to a safe and comfortable for himself distance. But it did not last long. Khabib in a favorite manner for himself began to press his pressure, while at the same time did not avoid the fight in the standing position.
As soon as the opportunity to approach the opponent fell, the Russian realized this moment and transferred the opponent to the ground. In the par terre, Khabib conducted full control of the opponent, struck his elbows and fists, beating at the same time, knocking the wind out of the opponent, and kissed the trunk of Barboza. And so it continued throughout all three rounds of the battle. In the third round, Barboza made several attempts to strike with a turn of the foot to the head, but the speed was not the same, and the fighter from Dagestan easily blocked these blows.
At the end of the third round, the Brazilian fighter was completely exhausted, beaten and crushed. Edson's face was covered with blood from Nurmagomedov's numerous blows.

And now the time has come. It remains to wait for a judicial decision. But then there was no intrigue. Khabib Nurmagomedov brilliantly realized the plan for the fight given him by his father Abdulmanap and the coaching staff. All three rounds went under the full dictation of the Russian.
The judge's decision confirmed that everyone saw inside the octagon. Khabib Nurmagomedov won the unanimous decision of the judges in this candidate for the title of confrontation.

Russians record after the fight was 25-0, including in the UFC 9-0. This performance of the Russian could not go unnoticed by the leadership of the UFC, which recognized Habib as the owner of the bonus of this evening in the nomination "The performance of the Evening", suggesting a good round sum in the form of encouragement.

Recall, what is the situation at the moment (January, 2018) in the lightweight division of UFC. The champion belt is megapopular Irish fighter Conor McGregor, at the same time as a temporary champion is Tony Ferguson. And Khabib Nurmagomedov in the next battle can come up with any of them, which is likely to happen. Proceeding from the words of Nurmagomedov, he is ready to go out one night against the first one and then the second lightweight that Khabib had previously said after his fight with Barbosa.

Shortly after the battle, a button war broke out between the Irish holder of the two belts and the Russian athlete, which further fueled interest in their upcoming super-match for the title of a full "king" of light weight. On twitter, Conor and Khabib have already exchanged "courtesies", but who will be on the horse will show time.

On behalf of the Eagles MMA team, we congratulate the president of the Eagles MMA club with a wonderful performance.
The team wishes him good health, many happy moments in life, in particular, in the near future to become the owner of the UFC champion belt in light weight category