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Training Camp: UFC 223 episode 3

Training Camp: UFC 223 episode 3

30 march
San Jose, CA

Third episode of the second season came out and you will see how Khabib deals with popularity, how often do fans visit him and what motivates him before the most important fight in his life

Report on the event

Also, you will get to know who can’t spell “Makhachev” and who is “the guy from WWE”. Khabib`s manager Rizvan Magomedov came to visit the team and he is going to tell about Khabib`s mindset and some details of preparation that are left unseen most of the time. Khabib gets a lot of letters from all around the world, in this episode you will see whom he replies to, how fans lie in wait for him, why Cormier is asking Khabib to be modest and so on.