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Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Darrel Horcher

Result: Win of Nurmagomedov
Event: UFC on Fox: Teixeira vs. Evans
Method: TKO (punches)

Video and photo of the fight

That is how many days Khabib Nurmagomedov kept on fighting. Although, outside the Octagon. Numerous traumas knocked him out for two years.

Now, the number 1 contender in the UFC Lightweight division has to prove his title once again. While Khabib was away, a new contender for the belt came along Tony Ferguson. During these two years the fighter has secured 7 wins profiling himself. The fight between these two was supposed to decide once and for all who deserved a shot at the title.

But the ill fate did not let this happen due to Tonys injury 10 days before the fight. Just three days later, Darrel Horcher agreed to replace Ferguson. A dangerous striker with a record of 12-1. Nobody knew what to expect from him, which made him a bigger threat.

The course of combat:

Round 1

Khabibs fans, both at the arena and in front of their screens, are very excited to see Khabib back in the Octagon. Everyone wants to see if the fighter has changed and lost his grip during the pause. From the very first seconds the fighter shows his signature stance, his way of moving and pressing style. He has clearly gained muscle. But how will this affect the fight? After forty seconds of assessing, Khabib throws a quick powerful overhand, but Darrel escapes it swiftly. Khabib looks excellent against the basic striker and feels very confident on his feet. After a few uncertain moves, Darrel freezes. This is when Khabib rushes for a takedown, and this is when everyone knows: the Khabib is back. After the takedown, the Eagle has the opponent up against the cage, he lifts him from the mat, carries to the center of the Octagon and throws on the canvas. Such a display of dominance. Khabib looks terrifying hammering his opponent from above. By the end of the round everyone knows who is going to win.

Round 2

From the very beginning Khabib takes the center of the cage. He escapes Darrels right cross and keeps provoking him for actions. Just 30 seconds after the start of the round, Khabib traps the opponent against the cage and takes him down by a hip throw.

Then things go as usual. Total domination in all positions, and brutal ground and pound. Several minutes of severe beating, and the referee decides not to risk Darrel's health any further. The fight is over. The Eagle is back in harness.

Khabib heads out for the camera and claims his contenders status by imitating the belt with his hands around his waist.

Frustrated by his defeat, Darrel Horcher pushes everyone around him aside, unable to conceal his disappointment. Khabib hugs his opponent demonstrating his respect for the man who had the courage to stand up against one of the most powerful lightweights on such a short notice.

On his comeback after the two years away from competition:
All these two years, I felt like I was in jail. Now I'm free. And you guys see how dangerous the Eagle is when he's hungry. God gave me this win. I feel very happy about my comeback.